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The two-time world champion, who currently drives for Alpine and turned 41 last week, will fill the position of Sebastian Vettel.

Post the conclusion of the Hungarian GP and the start of the summer break of the Formula 1 season, Aston Martin revealed its surprise signing of Fernando Alonso from Alpine for 2023 onwards. As per reports, Alonso has signed a multi-year contract with Aston Martin. The Spanish driver already wanted a multi-year contract instead of the annual contract from his current team but they weren’t in approval of these terms. Alpine wanted to introduce their current reserve driver, Oscar Piastri, in the upcoming season. This move seems to be inevitable post Alonso’s Aston Martin deal.

Aston Martin are currently languishing in ninth position whereas Alpine are at fourth spot. As per the current situation and after comparing both the teams, this seems to be a terrible on Alonso’s part. The 41-year-old driver returned to the F1 circuit in 2021 after retiring at the end of 2018 season with McLaren.

On paper, this deals seems to be awful considering Alonso’s future and his longing for his third championship. The surprising part of this deal is that Fernando himself is very positive about his future in F1 with his new team.

Alonso will be replacing four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel, who is retiring from F1 at the end of the season. Aston Martin is backed by the Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll and his son Lance Stroll is the first driver for them. Alpine took a lot of time in deciding their second driver for the upcoming season as Alonso was behind them for so many months to finalise it. At last, Alonso surprised not only his fans worldwide but even his current team in taking a humongous but preposterous decision. Alpine has the driver and the car currently but post this season they’l only have the car with them in terms of performance.

Being one of Alonso’s biggest fans, here’s hoping that this disastrous move turns into some kind of miracle as Fernando is at his current best compared to his performance in the past decade. Since Alonso himself is very optimistic about his future, as his fans we’ll also be rooting for Alonso in the next season in his new driving weapon.

El Plan will hopefully take place but in some other team.

Written by Sambhav Bhatia

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