About Us

Having spent countless hours discussing sports at the gym, in the sauna, on the golf course, in the pub and around the braai, I came to realise that there is no dedicated platform for opinions to be aired and discussed in South Africa. We are served by a handful of dedicated sports writers but there are so many other valuable opinions out there.

As a former sportswriter and editor for a national newspaper, I wanted to create a platform for passionate and opinionated sports fans to share their thoughts. At My Two Cents, we are interested in YOUR OPINIONS. You don’t have to be a talented sportswriter (although this is also the place for you if are one) … we aim to make it as easy as possible for you to express your view. You could send something from your phone while you are at a game or even at a braai, or between sets at the gym. If you are an upcoming sportswriter we want to hear and publish your thoughtful articles. We will provide you with a great opportunity to get exposure and make a name for yourself.

That’s not all … you can earn money for publishing articles with our Google Analytics calculating a percentage of advertising revenue generated by you and paid to you. We have leaderboards so you can judge yourself vs others and gain status ahead of your next discussion around the braai.

We encourage feedback, humour and welcome funny or interesting sport videos. Send us school match reports or Varsity sport match reports and we will consider them for publication.

We are handing the mic over to you so that you can BE HEARD!