At MyTwoCents we want to make it as easy as possible to BE HEARD. The last thing we want is for a sports fan with an eagle eye to have his opinion silenced by having a complicated signing up process and an awkward formatting set up.

Its quick and easy to sign up – sorry this process is necessary in order for you to create a profile and have a chance to dominate the leaderboard, gain sports bragging rights in the gym or around the braai and even make money in the process. To submit an article all you need to do is click on the link on the top right corner of the home page. You can also just send a video opinion/rant … preferably less than 60 seconds to

You are welcome to use your own name or a pseudonym for your article. Once published it can be shared on social media (Twitter, FB, Instagram) and your friends will either give you kudos for a great opinion or give you a hard time. Best to have a thick skin as for every opinion, there is usually an opposing opinion.

The Leaderboard will reflect who has had the most articles published, liked, read etc.
Google analytics will then determine who has contributed in terms of generating advertising revenue and a % of this will then be paid out to you the writer. Just for having an opinion on a game … pretty awesome right?!

Upcoming sportswriters will have a voice and the chance to hone your craft while having a platform for your articles to be published. This is offers the starting point for a successful career in sports writing.

Videos, golf tips, betting tips and humour (as long as its clean) all welcome.