Tips for being a good writer.


Remember we are first and foremost interested in your opinions. In order to get your opinions across coherently and to have the chance to have your name up in lights on the leaderboard, below are a few tips to help you along your way.


  1. Have an opinion. Try to focus on that opinion in your article. Unless you are submitting a “5 talking points” type article, make sure that you direct your readers attention to the point you are trying to make. Tell us what your point is early and then back it up with what you have seen.
  2. Avoid long-winded sentences and keep your argument concise. Don’t go off on tangents.
  3. The best articles are between 400-600 words … you don’t want to lose your audience by making it too long … after all sports fans don’t have long attention spans!
  4. Avoid being a fence sitter … MyTwoCents wants to hear an opinion on a player, team, referee performance or something about the rules you like or don’t like … please don’t report news … unless its accompanied by an opinion on that news.
  5. Use full names for players etc. Be professional, no swearing, racism etc will be tolerated.
  6. Don’t forget to credit a source when quoting them.


Finally … always remember to ….. BE HEARD!